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Network Monitoring Solutions

RADCOM is an industry leader in network testing, network protocol analyzers and network monitoring systems, with some of the most advanced solutions on the market. 

RADCOM's sophisticated cellular testing solutions support GSM, GPRS, UMTS and CDMA2000. And its Omni-Q Voice Quality Management System allows service providers to deliver high-quality packet telephony services that back up their SLAs with assurance.

The Omni-Q management suite goes beyond traditional monitoring solutions, offering users a full array of drilldown and troubleshooting tools. Signaling and media attributes and quality measurement eDRs (enhanced detail records) collected from the probes in the QManager are stored in the solution's embedded Oracle database. These can then be used by either the QExpert (the Web-based analysis and reporting module) or the Dashboard (the Web-based user interface) to perform service performance analysis, drilldown and troubleshooting on KPIs and KQIs.

 Network Monitoring – R70

 RADCOM's R70, powered by the GearSet, is a new VoIP and Cellular probe platform that offers unmatched performance for the next-generation network market. The R70 is a high-end probe platform that enables the non-intrusive monitoring of both huge traffic volume and multiple concurrent services.

A long-time leader in the field of ATM testing, RADCOM provides a range of applications that enable comprehensive testing of ATM networks.


Network Monitoring – Hundreds of Protocols


RADCOM's support of over 600 protocols does not just mean decodes, it includes protocol-specific filters and graphical analysis (online and offline) and expert decodes, including three levels of detail.

Find the network monitoring solution that meets your needs. 

IPTV Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting Solutions
A versatile, multi-technology, multi-CODEC IPTV testing solution, designed to provide a complete testing suite for all types of IPTV testing needs. Omni-Q for IPTV gives service providers a clear view into the different services available in his IPTV deployment.
Video Test Solutions
RADCOM provides a range of solutions for a wide range of aspects of installing, testing and maintating video networks.
IMS Service Assurance
RADCOM'S new high performance probe platform, the R70, has been designed to specifically address the network topologies and traffic characteristics associated with an IMS environment in an NGN network. IMS monitoring is provided as part of the Omni-Q solution.
Mobile Broadband and Data Services Quality Assurance Solution
RADCOM's Omni-Q service assurance solution for mobile broadband and data services is the ultimate solution for ensuring quality of data services
Cellular Testing Solutions
With RADCOM's data collection, real-time traffic performance analysis, troubleshooting and fault detection, cellular vendors and operators have all the tools needed to assure the quality of their next-generation network environment.
VoIP Troubleshooting
The Omni-Q voice management system offers a set of non-intrusive, live traffic probes coupled with active probes, to meet the multiple challenges of next-generation VoIP technologies.
TCP IP Troubleshooting - Data IP Network Testing Solutions
RADCOM presents a wide variety of solutions for every aspect of a product’s development, installation, maintaining and troubleshooting your data/IP network.
Test Solutions for ILEC/PTT
RADCOM offers a wide variety of solutions for legacy carriers testing needs with the PrismLite family and the Performer products.